Thursday, January 15, 2015


by Jaime O. Perez

Beginning February 2nd, a new radio program will run on KVIV Radio in El Paso, Texas. Below is the list of topics to be addressed in the first two months of the program. The program is in Spanish. Tune in!

El 2 de Febrero comienza un nuevo programa que tratara temas de economia. Escuche el programa por Radio KVIV de Lunes a Viernes 12:45 a 1 pm.

CONSERVA DE JOSE - Prioridades
con Jaime O. Perez y Manny Hinojosa

3. SALUD - Water
4. VALOR SOCIAL - Pague Deudas Pequenas/ Luego Grandes
5. PRIMEROS AUXILIOS -Antibiotico/Medicinas y Prescripciones/ Aspirina/ ibuprofen/ acetometaphin/ curitas/ gaza/ Pomadas Arnica, Vitacilina, Alcohol, Peroxido
6. VALOR MATERIAL - Compre al Contado

Feb 9. ESPECIALIDAD - Bebes - Teteras/Leche Polvo/Lata, Panales, Baby Wipes
10. VALOR MATERIAL - No Use Bancos para guardar Dinero
11. VALOR HUMANO - Caridad
12. VALOR MATERIAL - Corto Plazo/Dolares $1/5/10
13. EDUCACION – Ensenanza Familiar

Feb. 16. DINERO - Largo Plazo/Onzas de Plata/Silver Eagles-Libertad
17. VALOR HUMANO - Aprender Hablar Ingles
18. EQUIPO TRABAJO - Petroleos - Gasolina, Aciete, Fluidos para Automovil
19. VALOR MATERIAL – Bienes Reales
20. SALUD Miel/Sal/Especias/Azucar/Cafe/Te

Feb 23. EDUCACION - Aprender Hacer Cuentas
24. SALUD - Beans/Corn/Tuna/Peanut Butter/Ramen/Tomato/Soups/Harinas Preparadas/Cereales
25. VALOR SOCIAL - Tradiciones Familiares, Congregacion, Cumpleanos, Aniversarios, Fiesta
26. HIGIENE - Jabon-Mano/bano/ropa/Traste/Loza/Sanitizer/Cloro
27. HIGIENE - Papel de Bano/Toallas de mano

Mar 2. VALOR SOCIAL - Familia y Dinamica de Grupo
3. ESPECIALIDAD – La Mujer - Cosmeticos, Higiene Femina, Talcos, Cremas
4. SALUD - Chocolates/Mieles/Jaleas (Ninos)
5. SALUD - Acietes/Vinagre/Bicarbonato-Baking Soda
6. AGRIGO GENERAL - Tenis/Bota/Zapato, Cambios de Ropa/Sueter/Boina

Mar 9. ABRIGO FAMILIAR – Sarapes, Colchas, Sleeping Bag, Impermeables
10. VALOR MATERIAL - Tabaco, Cafe, Azucar/Dietetica/Licor/Chocolates/Dulces
11. DEFENSA FAMILIAR - Machete/Armas/Balas/Punal
12. EQUIPO - Velas/Cerillo Grande/Encendedores/Linterna/Baterias
13. ESPECIALIDAD - Ninos Escolares/Papel y Lapiz/Pluma

Mar 16. COMUNICACION SOCIAL - Radio/Baterias, Instrumentos Musicales
17. TRANSPORTE - Bicycle, Motocicleta/Gasolina 5 galones
18. LUZ Y CLARIDAD - Luces/Extensiones
19. AUTOAYUDA- Drill/Saw/Calenton
20. VALOR COMUNITARIO - Grupos Barrio/Centro de Reuniones/Iglesia

Mar 23. RESERVA ENERGETICA - Generador
24. MICRORANCHERIA - Pollo/Conejo/Pescado Carpa/Siluro/Tilapia/Trucha
25. MICROHORTALIZA - Sembrar arbol frutales/Plantas Alimenticias/Especias
26. EQUIPO PEQUENO- Marro/Martillo/Wrench/Nails/Screws/Caja de Herramientos
27. COCINA DE CAMPO - Estufa – 1 litro/5galon propano,

Mar 30. COCINA FAMILIAR - Olla Grande/Chica/Platos/Bolsitas de Plastico/Cubiertos,
31. PRIMEROS AUXILIOS Atomizadores - Alejar o Matar Moscos/Bichos/Aranas etc.
Apr 1.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Limericks for A New Generation

3 billionaires on the border
took away law and order
Angry the people grew
Shameless politicians massive fundraisers threw
and taxpayers their lives had to reorder

3 billionaires on the border
shouted "Play Ball" on video recorder
They begged seniors on social security
to bail them out with a surety
while they bought politicans on reorder

3 billionaires on the border
bought up downtown land with one superorder
With the same old refrain
They sang, "eminent domain"
as they posed for pictures amidst the disorder

Insights museum went down with a thud
While politicians stood on the city charter in mud
Billionaires satisfaction expressed
Taxpayers disappointment suppressed
Watching media editor's faces full of cud

City Hall is imploded
Children's insights are disploded
3 Billionaires eat in castles of fable
Taxpayers move to the pauper's table
The power of We the People exploded

Petitions are meaningless says Susie Byrd
No more meaningful than the absurd
We are visionaries says Steve Ortega
We are the alpha and the omega..
Are they or the petition the turd?

Tax and spend is the ticket
To the taxpayers we must stick it
So says Steve Ortega
while 3 billionaires buy their next bodega
And fill the campaign bucket

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Action Alert: Citizens for Responsive Government will hold a candlelight vigil Sunday March 10th at 7 pm at Insights Museum. As you are aware, the building will be imploded on Monday March 11th. It is a mourning of the end and bon voyage to an iconic building for thousands of children in El Paso and from other cities that have visited. Please join us. Bring a candle. Drummers and musicians are invited. For those that wish to sing or otherwise share their music, please set up on sidewalk across the street i.e. Masonic Temple so you won't be cited (or arrested). Please note: Stay on the sidewalk, public right-of-way, as the city will try to block access and you must keep moving. There is no law about the speed so you can walk VERY slowly but you have to be walking otherwise you will be arrested for "blocking" public access to city hall. See you there on Sunday.