Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Next Wave of Consolidation

The latest move by the Federal Reserve, to allow some inflation of the currency supply, is intended to open a small window of relief to people who have felt squeezed by the economy. The question, however, is whether, once unleashed, the small window of cash availability can counter-balance the pressure of a rapid consumer goods inflation. This question is all-the-more important because so many people have dropped out of the work-force and many more are simply not in any formal pipe-line to receive assistance or benefit from a tax jubilee.

The up-is-down, down-is-up, nature of the economy circa 2016 makes conventional policy formulations irrelevant. Solutions posed by Democrats, Republicans and, indeed, Libertarians are missing the mark in a big way. People want to hear new solutions to an economy dominated by huge debt and looming deflation.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Makron Academy - Your Future is Online

Makron Academy has opened its doors in the heart of San Elizario. The academy is a research activity that creates cutting edge tools with immediate applicability for the workplace. Visit for more insight.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Lucy Perez

Rocky Roads

The little girl was running after her dad. "Wait for me, wait for me! She was running with all her might trying to catch up to him as he pressed forward towards the well. "Andale Lucita, corrale m'ija,come on, hurry, we have to get the water," he laughed.

The rocky path in San Juan Del Rio, Durango was difficult for her to manage but in that moment Lucita's whole world was focused on catching up to dad. She was so happy and laughing, giggling... when she finally arrived at the well and saw the bucket brimming with water, she hugged daddy and it seemed would never let him go.

Lucita's brother caught a glimpse of her as she walked down the winding path. She was crying and moving aimlessly. "What's wrong? he asked? "My baby is dying." Chuy managed to help her home.

Lucha was gleaming in her new dress. Tailored and elegant, she captured the room as she walked in and her smile radiated an elegance fit for a princess.

"What are you doing?" asked her son. "Estudiando un G.E.D. Necesito aprender Ingles," she responded.

"Love you," she called to her son Ernesto as he was wheeled for the nth time into emergency surgery. Lucy had taken leave from her job to be with him when he and several others were shot in the back by a random shooter at an Arizona department store. He survived.

"La familia arraiga," Lucy intoned as she hugged everybody when Father died.

"Lucy. What in the world? questioned her sister Charito. Really? You are marrying again? She laughed heartily. The bells tolled loudly in the happy moment at San Elizario Church.

"I like that blue color," said Lucy with a gleam in her eye. Her son Jaime responded, "it's called Winnie the Pooh blue....Great, the Disney Princess...and laughed out loud." The house is now blue.

"Porque te preocupas tanto?" her children would ask. "She can be no other way, compassionate, loving and gentle - that is Lucy's way," said Tonita her sister.

Raising her eyebrows and smiling, Lucy said goodbye at 8:45 am on Sunday morning while Jaime, Toni, Lupita, Juan, Ernesto, Hector, Mike surrounded her in love and held her close.